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Tiatiò presents
il Quinto Quarto: dinner with heart and brain
June 22 2013
Oratorio di Santa Caterina, Bergamo

Revenue 1200 € was donated to Paolo Belli
to partecipate in building the new Casa del Sole



How the sweet tooth knows, fifth quarter consists in the less valuable commercial meat cuts which involve atavistic tastes typical of Italian regional cuisine. They belong to the illustrious and snubbed type all parts that do not fit in the classic 4/4 front and rear: from brains to tail, from the liver to the kidney, from shin to the head, ending with the inevitable tripe in its various parts. Anything that is not the classic fourth will be on stage.
The Vulgate dominant, made of abominations taste with neither fat nor salts or flavors or taste or nutritional value, wants that these foods are indigestible and little nutrients. Thought totally unfounded because on the contrary it is a healthy food, clean and delicious.
The evening's menu includes dishes from tripe to the kidneys, brains from the tail, from the shin to the head. There will be more usual preparations such as red paste, a polenta made as it should be, a river of fries and a world of gorgonzola.
Finally cakes and pastries.

All meals were prepared and served by members

  • salty cake
  • vill and pork head
  • 5/4 tartare: liver and heart
  • fried brain
  • pasta with tail
  • tripe
  • shin polenta
  • wild kidney with polenta
  • gorgonzola with polenta
  • biscuits

Franco Cazzamali

Franco Cazzamali, king of the butchers of Piedmont and Lombardy, author of The Book of offal, has devoted his mastery to ennoble them: he processes the meat in order to be able to allow the consumption even raw.

The Master was present to explain and teach those who want to learn the proper execution of the beaten pulp and fifth quarter


We are guest in Oratorio Borgo di Santa Caterina Bergamo. Map



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