Sickness of the century, incurable, new fever, or bad disease …

Statistics, tests and prevenction, cannot explain this cell disintegration the modern man doesn't want to admit in its claim vulnerability.

It's even afraid to utter the word cancer. Here even the "power" of medical science stops and fails to explain a disease that leaves no arguments and that it casts doubt on an alleged omnipotence.

That’s why we might effort a different approach, through autoimmunization of irony: you can fight the disease with a laugh, even if thoughtful?

This is intended as a demonstration based on the assumption that "we will bury a laugh, " just like the cancer, but it might help to prevent it, exorcise it, fight it .
By means of imagination and poetry inherent in the design.

An alternative therapy, a new challenge for many of the invited authors note: to have always a ready joke powers the taste of friendship and life.

The exhibition, by invitation, is composed of 53 works (as many as Luca’s age) of master of the scratch, with panels that lead to the original than a biography with a giant portrait of the author and work.

At the end of the show, the tables have been auctioned, with proceeds donated to the AIL Belli Paolo Bergamo (Italy).