In Luca Scarpellini's memory, in 2010 we chosed the photography in order to talk about the research for the life, with shots about life itself: “Vita! Vocercando” is an exhibition with 53 (as Luca's age at his death) pictures made by Artists of the camera and students in Photografic Accademy, invitated to express and involve emotionally in researching the life.

The pictures, shown for 2 weeks (from November the 2nd till the 14 th, 2010) in the beautiful Sala della Guardia in Sant'Agostino door in Bergamo (Italy), are sold at auction at the end of the Exhibition, on SUnday, November the 14th, 2010 at 10 am.

Goal of the event is to give to Paolo Belli Onlus an amount enought to cover the scholarship in Ematology, for a year.

The Exhibition takes three interactive parts:
  • during the day, the Exhibition is open to be visited
  • Free seminaries are aimed at hightschool and University students about Photografic Medium
  • a part of the Exhbition is reserved to whom wants to hang up a personal picture to mean the personal research of life.
The Exhibition is operatively supported by the Local Authority Culture Department, under patronage of Consiglio della Regione Lombardia and of Provincia di Bergamo.

A special thanks has been sent by Counsil of Minister President and Presidente of the Republic has donated a Medal of Representation for the event.

Some coments:
  • introduction, dott.ssa Claudia Sartirani, Assessore alla Cultura, Bergamo
  • introduction, avv. Vito Cavarretta, Tiatio's member
  • introduction, sig. Silvano Manzoni, President of Paolo Belli Onlus

Few pictures: