During the exhibition Vita! Vocercando, we propose a seminary, The pictured location, aimed at highshool students, in order to destroy the common understanding of the photografic situation and to support in creating a critical and aware reading of it .

The speech, taken by Virgilio Fidanza, teacher at LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Brescia, Italy), faces the issues:
  • the photografic medium, between technology and thinking
  • the photografic way and its application
  • the creation
The participation is free and open to anybody interested.

The conference takes 3 hours, with a coffee break and the tour in the Exhibition. It's possible to choose the day of the visit between:
  • Thursday November 2010, the 4th
  • Thursday November 2010, the 11th
The students are welcomed at the Stazione della Guardia in Sant’Agostino door, Bergamo, with the following planning:
  • 8.30 am start
  • 10.30 am coffee break
  • 11 amdiscussion and Exhibition
  • 12.30 am end  

It's possible to reserve the visit downloading the participation form, filling it and sending it to sek@tiatio.org in October 2010, the 31th.